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A world of emotions and a unique savoir-faire

Schneider Consumer Group has acquired unique expertise in design, manufacturing and distribution.
We use this savoir-faire to enhance our customers' daily lives through our products.

Agile and close to its customers, that's what it takes to be an industrial company in step with the times

Philippe SAMUEL
CEO of Schneider Consumer Group

From idea to factory; from factory to consumer

To respond to rapid technological change and new consumer aspirations, Schneider Consumer Group is reinventing traditional approaches to industry. We retain the essential part of the added value, by internalising creation, design, marketing, quality control and after-sales service. Production and logistics are outsourced to subcontractors with strict control over all key steps.

End-to-end control is the key to success for the satisfaction of increasingly demanding customers.

Christophe BÉNARD
Managing Director, Schneider Consumer Asia

Bringing meaning and pleasure through design

Design is at the heart of our approach. It comes into play from the very first ideas in the creation of our products because, as well as adding soul, it must also simplify their use. Technology and materials combine intelligently to form a user-friendly whole in which every detail is useful.

Aesthetics must contribute to innovation.

Design Director, Schneider Consumer Group

Connecting technology with people

Schneider Consumer Group innovates by synthesising the best technologies of the moment. Our ambition is to make them easier to use and to ensure that they are practical and accessible to everyone. This approach is in line with the group's commitment to give meaning to digital transformation.

Prime objective: zero defects

Schneider Consumer Group's commitment is to provide products of impeccable quality: performance, finishing and packaging. To ensure this, checks are carried out by a team of specially trained employees.
Our Quality and After-Sales technicians are involved in a process of continuous improvement of our products.

From French Tech to French Fab

Inspired by leaders in French Tech, most of the added value related to conception, innovation and design is generated in France. Our aim in industrial relocation is to focus on French manufacturing wherever possible. We have recently repatriated part of the production of large built-in household appliances to France.

Our contribution to environmental protection

Schneider Consumer Group wants to play an active role in protecting the environment. To do this, we pay close attention to Good Industrial Practices, both internally and with our partners. We have also joined together with Reforest’Action, a French forestry specialist, in order to plant 2000 trees across France, thereby helping reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the biodiversity of French forests.

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