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The present site, which can be found online at (the “Site”), is the property of SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP, a société anonyme (limited company) with share capital of €1,329,501, registered in the Bobigny Trade and Companies Register under number 394 323 877 00057, with its registered office at 12 rue Jules Ferry, 93110 Rosny-sous-Bois, VAT-registered in France under number FR 92 394 323 877 (e-mail:, telephone: +33 [0]1 48 12 14 14).


The Site’s publishing director is Mr Philippe Samuel in his capacity as CEO.


The Site is hosted by OVH, an SAS (simplified joint-stock company) with share capital of €10,069.20, registered in the Lille Trade and Companies Register under number 424 761 419, with its registered office at 2, rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix, VAT-registered under number FR22424761419. Telephone: 1007


By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read this privacy policy and agree to comply with it.

Personal data

SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data.

In accordance with EU regulation 2016/679 of 26 April 2016, France’s “law on information technology and civil liberties” of 6 January 1978 (as amended), and the French Decree of 20 October 2005 (as amended), SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP has made strong commitments to protecting the rights of data subjects.

All the information collected on the Site is saved by SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP, the data controller.


1. Categories of data collected


We are completely transparent and explicit about the personal data we collect.

– The data expressly requested in forms on our Site;
– Login data.


2. Purposes of processing


Each data collection operation is performed specifically for explicit purposes that are clearly referred to on the Site page where the data are collected. Please remember that the purpose of any data processing performed in connection with subscribing to the newsletter is the sending and management of newsletters. The legal base of this processing is the performance of a contract (Article 6.1.b of the EU regulation).

You may unsubscribe from this newsletter simply by clicking on the link included at the bottom of all our electronic communications.

SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP reserves the right to create additional and/or complementary means of data collection. SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP will specify, in accordance with regulations, the purposes specific to the relevant processing operation on the data collection page.

No fully automated decision-making is performed by SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP on the basis of your personal data.


3. Data recipients


There are several data recipients:
– subcontractors and partners for the performance of the relevant processing operation,
– members of the SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP group and its subsidiaries.
In addition to these categories of recipients, other recipients may include, as appropriate, categories that are specific to each processing operation and expressly referred to in the information included on the data collection page.

Personal data is transmitted to recipients (irrespective of their legal form and whether they are a data processor, data controller, or simply a recipient) in a secure manner and in accordance with an agreement between SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP and each recipient. SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP undertakes to ensure that each recipient understands and complies with the guiding principles of personal data protection in accordance with the law and/or a specific contract.


4. Retention of your data


SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP takes care to retain your personal data in a country that guarantees an adequate level of legal protection under European Union law. For this reason, SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP has taken every measure to comply with regulations on privacy and personal data by signing the European Commission’s standard clauses with the data processor hosting your personal data. This means that your personal data are retained by SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP in a secure manner, in accordance with applicable regulations.

The periods of time during which data is retained by SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP comply with the regulations in effect in France on the date hereof, i.e. until you unsubscribe.

SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP reserves the right to create additional and/or complementary means of data collection. SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP will specify, in accordance with applicable regulations, the retention periods for such data concerned by the processing operation on the data collection page.


5. Your rights


You have the following rights:
– right of access to your personal data;
– right to request the correction of your personal data if they are inaccurate or incomplete;
– right of limitation under Article 18 of the EU regulation;
– right of erasure of your personal data if:
o they are no longer necessary with regard to the purposes for which they were collected or processed in another manner;
o you withdraw your consent for the processing operations requiring consent (e.g. marketing purposes);
o you validly oppose the processing operation;
o the data have been processed unlawfully; or
o it is required by law.
– right to object on legitimate grounds,
– right to data portability,
– right to define instructions relating to the fate of your personal data after your death and,
– for processing based on consent, to withdraw your consent at any time.

To exercise one or more of these rights, you must contact the person in charge of data protection at SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP at and provide a copy of your ID card.


6. Contact information


If you have a complaint, you may contact the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) through their website at You can add your name to the Do Not Call List at


This policy applies to cookies and other technological systems present on the digital services provided by SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP and available to users via television, PC, tablet, smartphone, or another mobile terminal.

Users are informed that when they visit the Site, a cookie may be placed automatically on their browser. A cookie is a data file that cannot be used to identify users but records information on the user’s browsing habits on the Site.

Cookies are secure and can only store information made available by the browser, either because the user already provided it within the browser or because it is included in page requests.

There are different types of cookies whose uses and content are different, temporary, and persistent:
– temporary cookies contain information that is used during your browsing session. These cookies are automatically erased when you close your browser. Nothing is stored on your computer once your browsing session is over.
– persistent cookies store information that is used between visits. These data allow sites to recognise that you are a repeat customer and adapt to your preferences. Persistent cookies have a long-term value that is defined by the Site, and which may last from several minutes to several years.

Depending on the URL and the Site page, different types of cookies may be used:


User session cookies record the information that you provided in our forms when signing up for one of our services. They are used to recognise you when you connect to one of our services and allow you to access your account and personal information such as your full name, address, and the brand and type of SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP material used, etc. They also enable you to view any content that you have the right to access. These cookies are necessary and cannot be deactivated within the system settings.


Audience measurement cookies compile statistics on the number of visits and the use of our services. Statistics on traffic, content, and pages and advertisements displayed on our Site may also be collected. These statistics allow us to improve the relevance of our services and make them easier to use. We also use them to track invoicing for third-party advertisers on our services, in particular the total number of advertisements displayed. If they are deactivated, we cannot monitor and improve the quality of our services. These cookies can be configured within the system settings.

Note: This list is not exhaustive.
These cookies can be configured within the system settings.

SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP collaborates with partners that produce the third-party cookies that are then used by advertisers on other sites to provide you with appropriate, relevant advertisements based on your browsing history. These cookies do not store personal information enabling other sites to identify you and they are based only on your browsing history.

1. Data collected by cookies


SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP may place a cookie to ensure an optimal browsing experience on the Site and to ensure that different interfaces and applications work properly.

SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP reserves the right to collect public IP addresses. These IP addresses will be collected anonymously and will be retained for the same period as the cookies. They will be used only to ensure that the services proposed on the Site are managed correctly.

2. Cookies used

Advertising cookie :

  • Duration : 13 months
  • This cookie is used to analyse your areas of interest and offer personalised advertising
  • Origin : nominative cookie

These cookies may be stored for up to thirteen (13) months and may be read and used by SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP during a future visit to the Site.3. Deactivating and erasing cookies

All web browsers allow you to limit the behaviours of cookies or to deactivate them in the browser settings or options. The steps to follow are different for each browser. You can find instructions in the “Help” section of your browser.

Your browser also allows you to see what cookies have been placed on your computer and to delete them one at a time or all at once.

Cookies are text files that you can open and read. The data contained inside is often encrypted and corresponds to a specific browsing session. They usually make sense only to the website that wrote them.

To adjust your settings for the cookies used on SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP services, please click on the following links:

To exercise one or more of these rights, you must contact the person in charge of data protection at SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP at and provide a copy of your ID card.

For more information on cookies:


General Terms and Conditions Governing Use of the Site

Users acknowledge that they have been made fully aware of the fact that solely by using this Site, they are consenting to these General Terms and Conditions, and that no handwritten signature is required for this consent to be valid. These General Terms and Conditions shall supplement, where appropriate, SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

  • User Obligations and Liability


Users are specifically prohibited from:
– transmitting information that:
o is false, misleading, or untrue;
o is defamatory or slanderous;
o infringes the copyright, patent rights, trademark rights, trade secrets, other intellectual property rights, or the right of disclosure, or that invades the privacy of third parties;
o violates French law and/or other applicable laws;
o contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, a time bomb, cancelbots, or any other computer program designed to damage or surreptitiously intercept any IT system, data, or personal information.
– attempting to mislead other users by usurping an identity or company name, by harming the image or reputation of other people, and/or by posing as a third party or employee, authorised department, or affiliate of SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP;
– disrupting, slowing, blocking, or altering the normal flow of data exchanged in connection with the Site;
– fraudulently accessing, maintaining, interfering with, or disrupting the information systems of SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP, in particular the servers or networks connected to the Site, or refusing to comply with the necessary conditions, procedures, general rules, or regulatory provisions applicable to the networks.

Users undertake to comply with the relevant legal provisions applicable to information on the internet and/or the Site and shall remain, in any event, solely responsible for any violations of third-party rights that may result from their use of the Site. Users shall be the sole judge of their legal, contractual, and/or judiciary capacity to access and/or use the Site. As such, by using the Site, Users acknowledge that they are not violating any legal, contractual, or statutory provision. Users undertake to use the Site and Services for purposes consistent with public policy, public security, and morality, and shall remain, in any event, solely liable for any breach of public policy, public security, or morality that may result from their use of the Site.
Users shall hold SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP harmless against any claim and/or action to which it may be subject in this respect, and undertake to bear all sums, damages, costs, legal fees, and expenses that SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP may be ordered to pay.

  • Copyright


The general structure, software, texts, animated or non-animated images, know-how, etc., and all other elements that make up the Site are the exclusive property of SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP or its partners.

Any total or partial representation of this Site without the express consent of the Site operator is prohibited and would constitute an infringement punishable under Articles L. 335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

The trademarks of SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP and its partners as well as the logos included on the Site are semi-figurative or non-figurative trademarks and are registered. Any total or partial reproduction of these trademarks or logos based on the elements contained on the Site without the express consent of the Site operator is therefore prohibited under Article L.713-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

These General Terms and Conditions do not entail any assignment of any kind of an intellectual property right to the elements belonging to SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP or right-holders, such as sounds, videos, photographs, images, literary texts, artistic works, software, trademarks, graphic charters, or logos for the benefit of Users. Any other use that has not been expressly authorised in writing and in advance by SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP is prohibited and constitutes infringement.

  • Liability


The Site and its content are provided “as-is” and without any warranty, including a warranty as to future performance. SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP excludes, to the extent permitted by law, any warranties. In this respect, SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP specifically does not guarantee that the Site shall be accessible at any time or without error and/or free of defects. Users are reminded that access to the Site may be suspended temporarily due to (i) hardware and/or software maintenance on the Site’s server, and/or (ii) hardware, software, and/or editorial maintenance on the Site, and/or (iii) a case of force majeure. The possibility of temporary or permanent unavailability of the Site shall not, under any circumstances, give rise to a claim for damages or any other form of compensation.

Users are reminded that (i) the transmission of data over the internet is only relatively reliable, as such data circulates through heterogeneous networks with various characteristics and capacities, which may be saturated at certain times of day and may be likely to affect the download times or accessibility of data; (ii) the internet is an open network and therefore the information available on it is not protected against the risks of misuse, intrusion in your system, the hacking of data, programs, or files within your system, or contamination by computer viruses; and (iii) Users are responsible for taking every appropriate measure to protect their system and content from contamination by viruses, including through attempted intrusions. As a consequence, SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the access, use, and/or unavailability of the Site, in particular for any loss of data/programs, virus contamination, any financial and/or business loss, and/or any loss of image. SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP reserves the right to perform maintenance operations and updates during which the products and services will be unavailable. SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP specifically reserves the right to add or delete features, to modify the layout of the tool, or to insert promotional or non-promotional links.

In any event, to the extent permitted by law, SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP can incur liability only on the basis of a proven fault, within twelve (12) months of the event giving rise to the damage, with such liability being limited to the amount received by SCHNEIDER CONSUMER GROUP for services within the last twelve (12) months.

  • Applicable law


These General Terms and Conditions are governed by French law.

  • Entire agreement


These General Terms and Conditions express the entire extent of the Parties’ obligations. However, they may be supplemented and/or amended by any additional agreement concluded between the Parties and expressly referring to these General Terms and Conditions.

No general or specific term or condition provided by a User may be incorporated into these General Terms and Conditions.

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